Barre de shampooing clarifiant/détox Grenade + Lavande

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Notre barre de shampooing clarifiant et détox à la grenade et au vinaigre de cidre de pomme (ACV) est le complément parfait à votre routine de soins capillaires. Cette barre de shampoing mousse magnifiquement et nettoie en douceur, ce qui laisse vos cheveux doux, brillants et rafraîchis. Nos barres ne dépouillent pas vos cheveux et votre cuir chevelu de leurs huiles naturelles.


Iséthionate de cocoyl de sodium, laurylsulfoacétate de sodium, Cocamidopropyl bétaïne, chlorure de distéaroyléthyldimonium (et) alcool cétéarylique, méthosulfate de béhentrimonium (et) alcool cétéarylique, méthosulfate de béhentrimonium (et) alcool cétylique (et) butylène glycol, Optiphen Plus, beurre de mangue, beurre d'avocat, huile de jojoba, huile de graines de grenade, hydrolysée Protéine de kératine, Honeyquat, vinaigre de cidre de pomme, panthénol, diméthicone, cyclométhicone, huile parfumée de grenade, huile essentielle de lavande, huile essentielle d'arbre à thé


Mouillez soigneusement les cheveux, faites couler de l'eau sur la barre, frottez la barre entre les mains pour créer une mousse et frottez la mousse sur les cheveux en vous concentrant sur les racines. Vous pouvez également frotter le pain de savon directement sur le cuir chevelu, en effectuant ce mouvement circulaire jusqu'à ce que vous créiez une mousse.

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Shameeka Martin
Amazing Shampoo Bar!!

When I first sampled the shampoo bar, I was in love I told Shawaunna “ I Loved how it lathered up so much better than the liquid shampoo.” Because I always used too much liquid and would run out, but with this bar after wetting and either rubbing together in my hands or applying the bar to my locs it’s lather to perfection. Honey when I say you definitely want be disappointed with this purchase with the wonderful smell and how it lathers and leaves my locs so refreshing and smelling so good after pairing with the conditioner bar. Ever since this shampoo bar has been released it’s my only go to, no more liquid shampoo for me. I highly recommend you want be disappointed go ahead and make that purchase.

Aisha Robinson

Okay so I am going to be brutally honest. I definitely had my doubts. I have always been a liquid shampoo girl, but I am also the type that doesn't use the recommended quarter size amount which means I was constantly running out. So, when I saw there was a bar, I was like ummmmm.... I don't know??? BUT YALL (my southern is coming out so you know it's about to be goodt) I HAVE NEVER (I do mean NEVER) had SHAMPOO LEFT OVER AFTER MORE THAN 6 WASHES. This bar has been my saving grace.... it lathers to perfection, smells like I am giving myself a spa day in the shower when I wash my hair and BABBBBYYYY NO PRODUCT BUILD UP!!!! This is a freaking game changer. If you gonna spend the money spend it right give this a try, I promise you will not regret and that's on everything!!! Lol I hope this helps you in your hair care journey.!!!! Go Forth and Be Great!!!

Yes, it's a shampoo bar and yes, it will change your hair game

I've used the liquid shampoo for months and saw that there was a new shampoo bar. While I was skeptical, I have fallen in love with all of the other products, so why not give it a try. And OMG I'm not sure why I haven't made this switch sooner.

The lather, smell, tingle from the tea tree oil make my locs scream in appreciation. The bar lasts a bit longer too because of the quick rich lather. If you're already using the liquid version (or even if you aren't) give this a try. Your hair will appreciate it!