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Try Our Eco-Friendly Shampoo

We are committed to sustainability!

From our ingredients to our packaging, we choose the eco-friendly route.

Natural Essential Oils & Ingredients

All of our products are free of  silicones, parabens, and sulfates. Our products are not tested or used on animals.

Long-Lasting Products

We made sure all of our products have long lives because who wants to buy more products every month!

Plastic Free Initiative

We have a mission to eliminate our use of plastic in our product packaging by 2030. Shampoo & Conditioner bars is a new concept for our customer base but our plan is to transition out our liquid shampoo & conditioner.

Biodegradable Packaging

The packaging for our shampoo and conditioner bar is biodegradable. All labels and the coffee filter wrapping is recyclable.

Spa Day Detox (ACV Shampoo Bar)


Spa Day Replenish pH Balancing Conditioner Bar


Shampoo Beauty Bar Bag - Blush


Conditioner Beauty Bar Bag - Black


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