• "The pomegranate lavender mist and oil duo has a great light scent which I love and quality ingredients. I absolutely love the glass bottle for the oil, it felt like I received some exclusive hair elixir. These two combine is all you really need after a wash. Both came packaged nice and secure."


  • "Words cannot express how good this moisturizer smells. It adds moisture to my hair without weighing it down. It also adds a nice sheen to my hair. This is a great addition to my hair care regimen."


  • "The shampoos fragrance is very inviting. It's not heavy, and it rinses away, leaving a clean feeling. Also, my scalps itchiness/irritation was immediately and completely calmed. I can't wait to try the conditioner, after my sisterlocks have matured (currently in the teen phase)"

    -LaMonica M.

  • "This oil smells so great and it lingers (in the best way possible). I loved it!"


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