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This oil is great for my scalp and it’s helping with my hair growth. I love it and will continue to order it! The hair mist is a must have as well!

Try Me Set!
Kamil L.

This set smells absolutely amazing and works great! The travel size was great for me to experiment with! 10/10

Great Buy

I love this light weight formula. It smells amazing and helps with my dry scalp. I love the applicator it comes with. Will buy again.


The hair mist is so awesome!!! It smells even better!!

A first

Okay so! I’ve had my locs for a few year now and I’ve never used conditioner . When i initially had my hair loc’d i was told not to use conditioner. Well that was a load. My hair has never felt so good. My scalp is in heaven. I focused on my scalp as that’s what needed tlc.

The conditioner was easy to spread and moved around my scalp with ease i let it sit for about 20 minutes. It washed out easily leaving no residue. This comment goes along with my review on the clarifying shampoo. I’m really happy with the products.

I just need a 1000ml version to be available. I live far and it would be worth the extra price.

Thank you for delivering to australia. It’s very very appreciated. We’re constantly left out of when it comes to new hair products

Squeaky clean

It’s really hard to try different hair/loc products. A lot of companies don’t even try to deliver internationally (australia). It took a while to arrive but the communication was constant and i felt reassured throughout the experience.

I’m really happy i was patient. The products smell really really nice. I don’t have to use a large amount to get a good lather. My hair was clean and moisturised which is saying something for a clarifying shampoo. My locs felt light and manageable. I attached a picture of my hair in a protective style that i did while my hair was semi dry.

The only thing i would ask for its the option to buy a 1000ml of products. I’d be willing to pay for it as it would be more convenient living so far.

Travel essential

Since i live in middle of god only knows where in australia. I ordered a bit of everything. I used the full size products but the size of the try me set is perfect for travel. I’m going to reuse the small bottles when they finish.

Amazing Shampoo Bar!!

When I first sampled the shampoo bar, I was in love I told Shawaunna “ I Loved how it lathered up so much better than the liquid shampoo.” Because I always used too much liquid and would run out, but with this bar after wetting and either rubbing together in my hands or applying the bar to my locs it’s lather to perfection. Honey when I say you definitely want be disappointed with this purchase with the wonderful smell and how it lathers and leaves my locs so refreshing and smelling so good after pairing with the conditioner bar. Ever since this shampoo bar has been released it’s my only go to, no more liquid shampoo for me. I highly recommend you want be disappointed go ahead and make that purchase.


Ok so I have been a fan of this line from the start!! But this oil is freaking amazing.... and I am being 1000% honest because I have had sister Locs for a little over 4 years and I have tried so many oils. Some were to oily you know coating the hair but not being absorbed and leaving behind oil stains, or they were too thick like serums. But this oil right here is not only light weight, its moisturizing for hair and skin (I use it for both because who doesn't want to smell like heaven) and it doesn't leave behind that oily residue even if you use it on your body!!! I couldn't be happier with a product if I tried (Hence why I bought 4 bottles) got to keep my supply cabinet stocked!!! LOL!!!


Okay so I am going to be brutally honest. I definitely had my doubts. I have always been a liquid shampoo girl, but I am also the type that doesn't use the recommended quarter size amount which means I was constantly running out. So, when I saw there was a bar, I was like ummmmm.... I don't know??? BUT YALL (my southern is coming out so you know it's about to be goodt) I HAVE NEVER (I do mean NEVER) had SHAMPOO LEFT OVER AFTER MORE THAN 6 WASHES. This bar has been my saving grace.... it lathers to perfection, smells like I am giving myself a spa day in the shower when I wash my hair and BABBBBYYYY NO PRODUCT BUILD UP!!!! This is a freaking game changer. If you gonna spend the money spend it right give this a try, I promise you will not regret and that's on everything!!! Lol I hope this helps you in your hair care journey.!!!! Go Forth and Be Great!!!

Yes, it's a shampoo bar and yes, it will change your hair game

I've used the liquid shampoo for months and saw that there was a new shampoo bar. While I was skeptical, I have fallen in love with all of the other products, so why not give it a try. And OMG I'm not sure why I haven't made this switch sooner.

The lather, smell, tingle from the tea tree oil make my locs scream in appreciation. The bar lasts a bit longer too because of the quick rich lather. If you're already using the liquid version (or even if you aren't) give this a try. Your hair will appreciate it!

Try Me Set!

I've had locs for about 5 years and have had an issue finding a consistent hair routine with one product line. I found this set at a pop up event in Charlotte and my hair LOVES it. The smell is great and my hair hasn't been this soft since I've had my fro. 100000% recommend

Try Me Set!
Latavia Mcgee

The scent is fantastic!

Smell too much but awesome oil

The smell was overwhelming for me and it’s not a bad smell but I am able to use it. I wish I could. I’m
Shocked because the other products were fine. I like the oil a lot otherwise


This is the best most I’ve ever tried! I’ll definitely keep in stocked in my home! Works well
With my daughter hair as too which is a plus

Thick & Lathers so good

Awesome cleaning shampoo! It’s very thick and lathers well! Pleasantly surprised!

Try Me Set!
Eunice Boffour
Starter Kit

I love the products and the smell is great.

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I like it

Although I haven’t tried the entire line, I truly like the hair mist.

Light weight oil that’s soothes

This oil is very light and soothes my dry itchy scalp. I have tried other oils but they leave hair feeling heavy. Not the case with this oil. I am very satisfied and impressed with this product.

Thank you again Ms. Nelson for your feedback. I formulated this product particularly for dry and itchy scalp. My goal was for it to light enough for regular to moderate use. I am so happy that you are enjoying your products.

Perfect conditioner for ALL! 😍

I absolutely LOVE this hair conditioner. So a little disclaimer - I am not loc’d … yet. 😊 But I use this conditioner on my natural, tightly coiled hair and I love it! This is hands down one of my favorite conditioners. It’s definitely in my top 5, and I have used quite a bit of hair conditioners in my product junkie days lol. Not only do I love this conditioner in my hair, but it works great in my husband and son’s hair as well, and we all have completely different hair textures. My favorite thing about this product is how manageable it leaves my hair to style as desired, while also leaving it extremely moisturized. This is very hard to come by for dry, thick hair like mine. I would 100% recommend this hair conditioner to any & everyone, no matter your hair type.

Dee, that you so much for giving me your thoughts on the Pomegranate & Lavender Conditioner. I know because I am a loctician and I have sister locs, many may think that my products is just for loc'd hair but it works for types and textures of hair. I am extremely happy that you are pleased with the conditioner and that it works for the whole entire family. I appreciate the feedback.

Spa quality fragrance

This hair mist is amazing. It’s very light and leaves my hair with a nice sheen and it smells great. I walked pass someone this morning and they asked me if just left a spa.

Thank you Ms. Nelson for your feedback. I'm so happy that you are pleased with the Pomegranate & Lavender fragrance of the hair mist.

Great smelling…

This oil smells so great and it lingers (in the best way possible). I loved it!

Faith, thank you so much for your feedback. I'm so happy that you are enjoying the wonder scent of The Pomegranate + Lavender Scalp Oil. Enjoy!!

Great product!

The pomegranate lavender mist and oil duo has a great light scent which I love and quality ingredients. I absolutely love the glass bottle for the oil, it felt like I received some exclusive hair elixir. These two combine is all you really need after a wash.
Both came packaged nice and secure.

Thank you.

Hi Jennelle, thank you so much for your feedback. I'm happy that you are satisfied with the Pomegranate + Lavender Hair Mist & Pomegranate + Lavender Scalp Oil. I'm glad it made it to you nicely. Enjoy!!

Love the Shampoo!

I waited to wash my hair until I received my shampoo…I wasn’t disappointed! I love it!!!

The shampoo is awesome, added benefit smells really nice.

Hello!! Thank you so much for your feedback. I am excited that you are pleased with the Pomegranate + Lavender Shampoo. The smell is definitely a great added bonus:)

Miracle moisturizer

Words cannot express how good this moisturizer smells. It adds moisture to my hair without weighing it down. It also adds a nice sheen to my hair. This is a great addition to my hair care regimen.

Hi, I am so glad that you are pleased with the Pomegranate + Lavender Hair Mist. One of the common concerns about natural hair is that it sometimes lacks moisture and sheen. I am happy that this product is able to provide these things for you and the fragrance of it is an added bonus!! Thank you so much for your feedback.